Dad holding newborn baby for in-home newborn portraits

Your In-Home Newborn Photographer Wants You To Know

There are many things your newborn photographer would like you to know. The first is that you don’t have to have a beautiful home to have beautiful in-home newborn portraits. Not everyone’s home is straight out of an edition of Better Homes and Garden magazine, and that is OK.

Many new clients get a little nervous around the mention of in-home newborn portraits. Clients are often shocked to discover that the majority of my newborn sessions are held in the homes of my clients (in-home newborn portraits). Pretty much universally the reaction is, “I was hoping for a studio session, not in-home portraits because our home does NOT look like the ones on Instagram!”. I hear you momma and I have a little secret you should know, neither was anyone else homes. The truth is, you can live in a shoebox apartment in San Francisco and STILL have BEAUTIFUL in-home newborn portraits taken in YOUR home. The majority of my clients aren’t living in their dream home just yet. The focus during our newborn photography session is on your family, and not on the couch you may or may not have purchased in a garage sale by your crazy neighbor with the cats (I’m just kidding, please don’t buy that couch). For all of my Bay Area newborn photoshoots I bring in outside props and move around items to make space perfect for your in-home newborn photos. Sometimes the simplest of spaces make for the most beautiful images.

Here are my top three “go-to’s” places in your home for taking in-home newborn portraits.

1. By The Window

Living in San Francisco, you know that beautiful light can pour into the most random places in your home. Regularly a random window may easily be overlooked, but for in-home newborn portraits they can turn out to be one of the most beautiful spaces in your home. The light flooding in creates a soft simple background, and strategically can wash out everything else to bring in more focus on you and your baby.

new parents excited to hold their new baby for professional family portraits
San Francisco moms holding their newborn babies for professional newborn portraits taken in-home

2. The Floor

The floor has to be my number one FAVORITE pose for mom and baby portraits during my in-home newborn sessions. I bring with me an array of fabrics for every portrait session. I decide what I bring depending on your personal and home style. This is something we review prior to every photo session. I have a pretty large collection of options to pick from.

Artistic professional portraits of newborns taken in San Francisco
Mother and baby professional newborn portraits taken laying down

3. Snuggled Up

Some of the sweetest in-home family portraits are taken when everyone is snuggled up together. Typically the bed is the best place for these photos, but sometimes the couch or even standing up can also be perfect. It’s important to know that the perfect bedspread or headboard is not required for this to look beautiful! The focus of our in-home newborn portraits should be on your family. Often the more simple the setting in in-home newborn portraits, the better. I often take a moment to move things around and remove any distracting elements from our frame.

Mom snuggling with newborn baby during professional in-home newborn portraits.

parents holding newborn baby in-home newborn portraits

In short, I promise you, Joanna Gains has yet to show up and style one of my in-home newborn photoshoots (but a girl can dream) and yet they’ve turned out stunning time after time. You don’t need to be in your dream home to have your dream newborn portraits taken in-home!

Next stop in planning your perfect portrait sessions: What to wear for your in-home portraits.