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Today is the launch of a new section of my business, the Dream Shop. Enjoy reading about why I began the Dream Shop and about giving back to La Casa De Las Madres. Along with my story are a few images featuring the making of my paintings.

At The Heart

It’s always been my dream to support and cheer on healthy growing families in as many ways as I can. When my career began five years ago my focus was on photographing weddings. At the time, I loved this job because I felt like wedding days were the beginning point for growing a family. While growing my business I was also a Nanny for 10 years. As a nanny, I supported mamas in every way I could. Now, full circle, I’m able to serve so many wonderful and loving families in San Francisco by photographing newborns and other family milestones.

I LOVE being your number one cheerleader. In addition, part of my vision with L. Bishop Photography has always been to make a bigger impact for families. That’s where the LBP Dream Shop comes in. It’s an amazing way for me to give more to our community and support families in all the ways I can.

My Story

Did you know that nearly one-third of American women report having experienced physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives (1998 Commonwealth Fund Survey)? In additon, this is just the surface of the problem. Another estimated 40% of victims do not report abuse (Department of Justice, 2005). Unfortunately, I know this all too well, as I fall into that category.

“Domestic violence affects all of us—children, teens, adults, elders. It occurs between people of all races, nationalities, economic classes, ages, physical abilities, and education levels. It takes place in all types of intimate relationships—heterosexual, same-sex, marriage, dating, and former relationships. It can also happen in relationships between two people who are not intimate partners, like between two family members or an elder adult and their caregiver. It can happen to anyone.”La Casa De Las Madres

From the time I was 15 years old until right after my 21st birthday I was in and out of two different abusive relationships. It can happen to anyone, and it happened to me. Now, nearly a decade later my story remains a driving force in why I’m so passionate about serving and supporting women, children and growing families in my community.

Prevention and Outreach

There are so many stigmas and stereotypes that surface when discussing abuse. However, I believe that if we have more resources, education, and awareness regarding abuse, then we will have the power to prevent domestic violence in our community. For the past 42 years, La Casa De Las Madres has been working the frontlines to do exactly that. La Casa is the first shelter in California and only the second in the nation. They work to help women and children in San Francisco escape violence.

“The mission of La Casa de las Madres is to respond to calls for help from domestic violence victims, of all ages, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We give survivors the tools to transform their lives. We seek to prevent future violence by educating the community and by redefining public perceptions about domestic violence.”La Casa De Las Madres

Make a Difference

For years now I’ve been painting as a small creative outlet. I decided partnering with La Casa De Las Madres would be a perfect way to share a little of that magic and my dream to end domestic violence. In other words, I’m so so soo excited to share with you the LBP “Dream Shop”. The Dream Shop features my current paintings for sale. 15% of proceeds will be donated to La Casa De Las Madres.

Shop the Dream Shop now!


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